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What amazing features

While developing ZEF app, we designed our IOS and Android application in a way to keep you safe and upgrade the analysis of the motion and record all the statistics for all the wind sports.

Live Tracking & Safety features

With the live tracking feature, ZEF shares your location during all your sport activities, and will also assist you to explore new places with confidence & signal your position with your friends.


ZEF brings you all the tools and insights you need to reach your goal and train smarter. Get your jump height, distance, Vmax on 10s, 500m, 1km.


Stay connected with your friends, follow them, be informed when they go out on a spot, or even comment their sessions.


Bored of making the same paths all and all over again ? Then ZeF is all you need to improve your skills and challenge your friends on customable races, even at a different time.
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Stop wasting time looking for potential spots, ZeF tells you where and who's practicing around you.

Device integration

ZeF can be used either with your Apple Watch or with your iPhone to record datas.
But you can import any GPX files from any other GPS device.

Why Choosing Zef ?

ZEF was designed to keep you safe and to improve motion analysis on wind sports like sailing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, kite foiling, wind foiling, sup foiling, snow kiting, land kiting, paddling and much more.

The ZEF app has features that not only brings people together but also assists them in reaching their goals in a smooth and speedy way.

So, what are you waiting for ? If you are professional or passionate about any of the above sports, ZEF is the one stop solution for you. Download now, get to the sport, and feel the fun !

Frequently Asked Questions


I don't find my Spot

Spots are create with sessions, so just open the app, go riding and your spot will appear. Ensure that you are careful with the water sports, make sure you start the application from the ground itself.


How to stay connected with my friends ?

Go to the "Friends" tab, press on the "+" on the top right of the status bar, then type at least 3 letters of your friend's username.


How does multisport work ?

The different sports appear independently on the app, to switch from one to another just click on the desired icon located on the top left of the status bar.


How to record a session ?

With an iPhone press on "+" on the Wall tab, press on "start" and then "save" when you finish riding. With an Apple Watch, just press on "Start" and then "Save" when you finish riding.


Does it works offline ?

Yes of course, when your iPhone gets a connexion it will then save your single or multiple sessions.


How to find buoy in race ?

The red arrow indicates your next target to shoot, the top of the screen is your instant direction.
The yellow arrow indicate your wind angle.
The blue arrow is your current speed.


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Get in touch

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