Zef helps you to create our own regattas that you can share with friends ! Easy… peasy !


Zef is referenced by spot, so start by choosing a spot where to create a race.
In case the spot doesn't exist yet, just go for a practice for an half hour on your spot and save your session.
Zef automatically references it.On the spot icon, the tag indicates the number of races by spot.

Create or play a race

Races can be public or private. Public races are visible to all Zef users and ranking is based on the best lap time.
With Premium access, you can create public and private races. With a free account, you can only load existing races.
If you tap on "ranking", all ranked users are displayed.
If you tap on , the race is loaded and ready to be used for your next session.
If you tap on , Zef displays you all your racing sessions.
If you tap on race block you will view the race route.

Create a race

Select the "create" button and choose public or private race type, give it a name, then select the "done" button at the top right of the screen.
Long press on "map" 2 times to create the first racing element, which obviously is a start line, defined by two points (which means two long presses).
If you tap on , the buoys from the previous sessions of the same spot will appaear to guide you place your own buoys.
Continue to place buoys by pressing long time on map.


ZeF allows you to choose different type of buoys.
The buoy can be a yellow flag named "Buoy": it will draw a circle and the goal is simply to shoot it.
The green flag named "Buoy Turn" will draw a triangle: just cut both sides of the triangle in any direction to shoot the buoy.
The green flag with arrow named "Buoy Turn Horary" will draw a triangle with arrows: the buoy must be shot in a defined rotating direction, i.e clockwise.
Its clockwise orientation is a triangle, that has to be shot in a clockwise direction at the top and bottom lines
Its anticlockwise version is also a triangle, that has to be hit in an anriclockwise direction at the top and the bottom lines.
You can adjust the buoy rotation with the slider at the bottom of the screen.
To complete the race, you have to start, then hit the buoys in the defined order and then cross the finish line.
Time will be reset to zero every time you cross the start line before shooting the first buoy (automatic restart).

Edit a race

Here we go, save the race by taping on the "save" button at tthe op right of the screen.
You can edit your race by selecting the race elements on the right side of the screen.
The order of the racing buoys has to be respected to validate a lap.
Once you save the race, press on , the race will be loaded and ready to be played again in your next session (on your phone or watch)..
Races can only be edited by there creators.

Race with your iPhone

Once you tap on , the race will be loaded. You can then choose to close the screen to edit other races or go to your profile and press "add session" with the races loaded.
At the bottom ot the screen, the loaded race will be displayed, tap the "start" button.
You can next choose to use the loaded race or not, or even to remove it from the recorder.
After this step the navigation view will be displayed.

The first number is the current lap, the timer indicates your current timing on the lap.
is your current speed
is your VMG to the next buoy
is your distance to the next buoy to be reached
is your wind angle
is the next target to shoot
reset the current lap, so the next target becomes the start line

Navigate with your iPhone

The idea is that when GPS is accurate, Zef tries to orientate & zoom in on your position with the next target to shoot.
An arrow will indicate the direction to take to reach the next target and, as you come close to the target, the arrow will become bigger & redder.
The arrow appears only in motion.

Play race with Apple watch

Once you tap on , race will be uploaded to the recorder on your phone and your watch.
Open Zef on your watch. At the bottom you will see your loaded race name; select the "start" button & accept to play the race.
After that, the navigation sreen will be displayed.

Navigate with your Apple watch :

Is the currrent lap number
is your current speed
is your VMG to the next buoy
is your current lap time
is your distance to the next buoy to shoot
is your wind angle
is the next target to shoot
is the direction to the next target, it gets bigger & redder when you approch the target
When you shoot the start line, you can reset the lap by unlocking the screen and by scrolling down, then select the "reset lap" button.
You can also simply shoot the start line again, which will automatically reset the timer (restart). This option is only possible before shooting the fisrt buoy.
If you don't shoot the first buoy, you can always shoot the start line to restart the lap.

Race Analysis

On your session, a Race tab will appear, your ranking in real time is displayed throughout the session.
Review all your laps.